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Updated: November 12, 2006

Here some pictures from the Argentina Zorro Convention and a descritpion, you can
t believe how much love for Guy Williams there!

First the banner or logo of the Convention. Fernando con el antifaz de Guy is the original mask Guy used in his shows in Argentina. Then is the photo were Fernando is fitting the Zorro costume in the maniqui, this is the original Guy's costume used in his shows and Circus Real Madrid, and the center black band in the stomach is the original from the TV show, also Fernando told me he has the original Tornado buttress in his house because Guy loved to ride horses. In the Q & A desk you can see a flying sword that was Guy's sword in Argentina and also you can see a sword in the floor, that is Fernando's, when the Convention start Fernando in Guy's memory did a rutine that Guy used to do in the shows performance, he took the sword in his hand and threw it to the floor so the sword stand and keep going side by side, it was wonderful.

In the Q & A desk you can see three persons sitting, one Fernando, the other was the announcer in the Circus Real Madrid and the other is Ms. Patricia Goodliffe the last Guys women.

In the additional pictures you can see some collectibles, memoriables and Zorro Toys, there are my Zorro autograph photos and sign papers frame in red color, I took them to the Convention. Also you can see in Traje de Fernando the Zorro costume Fernando used in the Circus Real Madrid and in the TV shows and also this costumes were used in the 2002 Zorro theater in the Opera Theater were over 44,000 person attend was such a succeful, I will sent some pictures in another e-mail from the Zorro in Theater Fernando did a wonderful work.

The night before I return to Venezuela I invite Fernando to luxury Restaurant to dinner, it was a great night, full stories about Guy, when Fernando arrived to the Restaurant I was impressive how come people recognize him and gave him hello like a important celebrity, one thing I didn't know was that Guy love to shoot with guns and that Fernando has the original Guy's revolver a Colt Detective 38, also that Fernando loose his father one year later when he met Guy and he told me Guy was like his father his guide in his career. He told me that the last day of Guy's performance as Zorro in Circus Real Madrid was Fernando Birthday and Guy gave his Zorro costume as he was the man to keep Zorro alive as a legacy, Guy knew Fernando would do a great job. When we left the Restaurant and Fernando paid for the parked car and just as we are going to pick the car the employment came over with another women and told Fernando "you are Zorro, aren't you?" And I told him he is the son of Zorro! Then Fernando gave me a city tour and continue with Guy stories was a 4 hours great time (including the dinner), now I know why Guy stay in Argentina for over 16 years!

Is there is anyone that knows Guy Williams life that is Fernando Lupiz the son of Zorro.

Hope you like my story,

Gabriel Barrera

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