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Robert Vanderpool (

Birthday: June 11, 1958 (Born Redwood City Calif.) Currently living in San Jose, California. Have a twin brother Randy (Dallas Texas) Ricky (Mtn View) and two great parents Jill & Norman). February 2018 I finally retired as a US Postal Service Letter Carrier with 30 +++ years of service.

I love everything, sports, comic books, stamp collecting, the beach, traveling, sci-fi classic movies, eBay, working out, kids, and great food. It was announced in August that our "What I Collect.Com" (WIC) website, "Uncle Odie's" Collectibles was shutting down (Site advertising money issues). From it's birth on the internet on January 11, 2001 and my first website to host, it was a true learning experience for me. To date our website is over 4,663 items posted, and reaching over 94,753 of photos, and text on each item, and over 280,000. visits. We also started a new Facebook group quickly having a current membership of 6,878. In June of 2018 Kirk and I revaped our home page with a new look and hopefully a better navigation tool bar menu to improve our viewers experience?

This is a very exciting time for all of us. Together we continue to grow as a website and a fan base community.

Kirk Roderick (

Home: Los Angeles, CA

Owner, creator and operator of

In the early 60's it was an exciting time as far as outer space goes. We hadn't yet landed on the Moon and we were starting to send people to space. My father was the Program Manager for Surveyor, our first un-manned lunar lander and I got the bug. I went to Cape Canaveral and watched space launches, including one Apollo launch. My Dad and I would go to JPL and watch images download from the Surveyor in real-time from the Moon. I was actually in the command center when the 1st lunar picture came in. It was very exciting!

My appetite for anything "space" related was incredible. I got hooked on watching Irwin Allen shows startiing with Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. Then my all time favorite show Lost in Space. This made space travel real to me. I could see it happening. We were launching Gemini's and Apollo's during this time and landed our first men on the Moon. My other favorite shows Land of the Giants and Time Tunnel helped drive my passion for Sci-Fi. I even watch Star Trek.

My professional background started with BS in Applied Math and an MBA in MIS. I worked for Hughes aircraft during school developing missile simulation and found my calling in computers. Most of my career has been related to computer hardware or software.

Robert and I have been corresponding for a few years now. He really irritated me at first because every time I'd bid on something, he would out bid me. But we became friends and I really admire the collection he has built. Mine is much smaller.


I have been a life long fan of Film/TV Special Effects and Science Fiction. I have been building Models since I was around five or seven years old! I love the classic Sci-Fi of the 1960’S having grown up on reruns of Star Trek, Lost in Space, Batman, and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea. I have been building models and props professionally since 1983.

I have a special passion for the Fantasy Worlds Of Irwin Allen, his stable of classic shows, Lost In Space, Voyage to the Bottom Of the sea, Time Tunnel and Land of the Giants are my Personal Favorites. With their timeless designs, I am a life long fan. I offer a professional Build of service through my Company, “THE THIRD MODELS”(THETHIRDMODELS@GMAIL.COM). It’s indeed a pleasure to be part of Robert’s Uncle Oide’s Irwin Allen Collectibles and I hope you all enjoy my work!

My work has appeared in the Following Magazines...

Hobby Merchandiser(My Moebius Space Pod Build)
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeler VOL 24(My Year one Jupiter-2 Build)
Sci-Fi and Fantasy Modeler Vol 28(My 1/48 Proteus Build)
Fine Scale Modeler Magazine March 2013(My MPC 1/72 Millennium Falcon Rebuild)

Also My Jupiter-2 is featured on the packaging of the Moebius Models Plug and Play Lighting kit and in the instruction sheet!

Bruce Fedow (

Born in Brooklyn NY in 1960 and a resident ever since I first discovered the world of Irwin Allen in 1964 through my brother Mark who was a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea fan in 1964. I still remember the premiere of Lost in space in the fall of 1965 and have been a fan ever since. I have been attending sci fi conventions since 1971 and in 1974 I started the FIRST Lost in Space Fanclub and published an accompanying fanzine Lost in Space Forever.

For over 10 years I toured the tri-state area as the lead singer of the heavy metal band Guillotine until my 'retirement' in the early 90's. In May of 2000 I joined the eBay community and have sold hundreds of Irwin Allen related items since then. Now as a Committee member I hope to use my years of experience to enrich & enlighten the Internet community at large.

Larry Lee Moniz

Larry Lee Moniz (

Born and raised in the Bay Area (California)
Occupation: Graphic Designer / Artist
Hobbies: Sci-Fi, Art, Music, Photography
Favorite Irwin Allen Character: The Robot

I Love Lost In Space!

I've loved it as long as I can remember. In fact, I happen to know that on my birthday, the Lost In Space Episode "Rocket To Earth" aired for the first time on CBS. I must have been near a TV then because I've always had an obsession with the show, especially the Robot.

Like so many of us, one of my first toys was a Remco Robot (all red). I still have one (black and blue), and a few more cool collectibles here and there.

Speaking of collectibles, in early 2003, After months of browsing, I finally e-mailed Robert Vanderpool to tell him how amazed I was at his awesome website. There were items and collectibles on it I've would have never dreamed of having existed. I left my phone number in the mail, and asked him to let me know if I could contribute something to the site? He mailed me back and gave me his number, and said "Call me anytime". I called him and got a answering machine message recording from Dick Tufeld as the Robot, personalized for Robert!

I knew this guy was unique! We discussed having me put up some of my art, and before you know it, we became friends. With Robert, it's really easy. Now I've been honored with being added to the committee, and have contributed many art project to his website including the logo, and artwork on the homepage, and banners for the episode guides. There's much more to contribute, and I know I'll have as much fun creating the graphics to come, as I have had with the graphics I've already made. It's a labor of love, and I feel lucky to be part of the most comprehensive Irwin Allen website on the net.

I'm having a ball!

Jim Blair (

What I bring to the website is my devotion and excitement to the LOST IN SPACE television series I grew up with. Nothing like it on now or in the near foreseen future. I know a lot of trivia and news about the actors who appeared in the series.

(*) Jim adds to our website his photo talents as he enjoys working in photo shop program and will be fixing and coloring many photos for the fans!!!

Edoardo Parise (

We are proud to annouce our newest website committee member. Edoardo Parise has been doing artwork for our website and Facebook pages for several years here. His love for Irwin Allen properties, The Invaders, Johnny Quest, and other TV shows is a true labor of love. Edoardo brings to our website his graphic artist talent which is throughout our website in the photo art galleries. You will see much more of Edoardo art in the months ahead.

Simon Mercs (

Hi! My Name is Simon Mercs, and I am a Professional Prop, and Model builder. I have operated my Studio, for near 19 years. I was born in Montreal in 1960, and as I grew up, Sci Fi was definitely my greatest love! All those amazing Irwin Allen shows, Lost In Space, Voyage, Giants.... Then, Star Trek, The Invaders, The Prisoner, UFO, all those classics! Many Modern films like Star Wars, AI, The Matrix, still have much merit... But for me, the very best was from the 60’ the 70’ Television....

I currently reside in Florida, with my wonderful..(and very, very patient Wife...) Laura....our Puppy Jackson....and two insane Keets.....where I work in my Studio.

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