"Uncle Odie's" Award Program Contest #2008.01

Our "Uncle Odie's Award Contest" is yet again sparking interest on our website. We have 10 exciting items to vote on for the months of January/February 2008. We ask ALL our current YAHOO members to cast there favorite vote on the items posted on our website. Not a YAHOO member? Not a problem., just join us it's "FREE" and we are a fun group of people to chat with on many topics of interest.

Voting starts Sunday March 9th and ends Saturday March 22nd. Winner to be announced on Sunday March 23rd 2008. Many thanks in advance for supporting our site and contest. Next contest deadline is April 5th, so submit your items of interest early!

Robert - "Uncle Odie"

01 Jupiter-2 Diorama 22 - Gary Sampson

02 Jupiter-2 Paper Model 5 - Michael Botelho

03 Jupiter-2 Diorama 23 - Daniel Rodrigues

04 Invaders Diorama 3 - Jerry VonMueller

05 Robot B9 Rescue Diorama - Jerry VonMueller

06 Giants Laser Cutting Tool - Bob Aucutt

07 Jupiter-2 Diorama 24 - Simon Mercs

08 LIS Galactic Law Enforcers AF - Bob Aucutt

09 Kiddnapped in Space AF - Bob Aucutt

10 Jupiter-2 Diorama 25 - Bill Hedges

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