"Uncle Odie's" Award Program Contest #6

Well, it's that time again, another month to cast your vote for your favorite fan-made or submitted items. For the month of July 2005, we have 13 items to vote on here. Please go to our Yahoo group and vote now. Voting starts Sunday July 31, 2005 and ends Saturday August 6, 2005. Winner to be announced on Sunday July 7, 2005.

If your not a current Yahoo member, please join us, it's free, fun, meet new friends, share your interest, and so much more.

Thanks to everyone that took the time to send in there items!

Robert - "Uncle Odie"

01 LIS Movie Original Art - Bruce Fedow

02 Robot B9 & Friends Diorama - Jerry VonMueller

03 David Hedison Caricature Art - Marshall Jay Kaplan

04 Jupiter-2 Computer Art - Kenn Wingle

05 Space Pod FS Graphics - Pendercrafts

06 Rocketbelt FS Graphics - Pendercrafts

07 Chariot FS Graphics - Pendercrafts

08 Spindrift FS Graphics - Pendercrafts

09 James Darren Caricature Art - Marshall Jay Kaplan

10 John Robinson Jetpack Painting - Bryan Ward

11 Mystery Theater Robot - Jerry VonMueller

12 Flying Sub Diorama - Simon Mercs

13 Jupiter-2 Playhouse - Mike Joyce