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Uncle Odie's Irwin Allen Collectibles Logo

From: Robert Vanderpool - "Uncle Odie"

When we first started on this new and exciting project, I wanted something fresh and exciting that know one else has seen or done on other web pages. I had an idea to have all of Irwin Allen's four TV shows together to tribute his dramatic work. At first, I would have preferred animation artwork with an idea of Irwin's spaceships shooting laser beams at the Giant Odie Cyclops. As Dave Berry put it, "I wanted a featured film, not a website?" Taking from that, I came up with the idea of Irwin's spaceships coming out of the tunnel. After Mike did the early drawings, I felt something was still missing. Inserting a photo in the center, completed the logo in which I was hoping for. Both Mike Suzor, and Mark Schwetter did a terrific job with computer color graphics for final results. I am very pleased with the artwork, and a true tribute to Producer/Creator Irwin Allen and he's memorable work he has left us all to enjoy for generations to follow.

From: Mike Suzor

I was playing around with a idea for a drawing while, at the same time, thinking about what needed to be done on the new web site. It was a drawing of all the ships from Irwin Allenís shows. I've seen many drawings of each of the ships in separate situations but never together and I wanted to do something in that will show them all. In thinking of Robert's site I thought I had to find a way of putting the time tunnel in the drawing somewhere. I wanted the drawing to have a dynamic feel to it so I hit on the Idea of the ships flying out of the Time Tunnel.

Robert mentioned the idea of doing a new logo for the site but, I was going to leave that project for the future. A day or so after talking to Robert I sent him a sketch of the drawing I was working on and proceeded to put the final version down on paper. I had toyed with the thought of doing it as a color drawing but settled with just a black and white pencil drawing.

After finishing it I scanned the drawing into my computer and e-mailed a copy to Robert along with a couple of photos of me working on it and as far I was concerned that was the end of it. seemed not as far as Robert was concerned. He like the finished drawing and sent it on to Neolase (Mark Schweter) to colorize it because he wanted to use the drawing for the new sites logo.

When the first color version was done Robert had the idea to put a photo of Irwin Allen in the middle of the drawing. Once I found an appropriate photo of him I sent a copy of the drawing/photo combo to Robert for approval.

When he sent it to Mark he decided it was necessary to move the ships apart so the photo could be more centered. This required a new drawing of the Time Tunnel so I drew a new one the same size as the original and sent it to Mark. After a couple of weeks Mark had the drawing ready and sent it to both of us and the logo was born. is owned by Robert Vanderpool. Copyright © Robert Vanderpool. All rights reserved. All other Trademarks and Copyrights are property of their respected owners. Copyright Policy.