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Finder's Keeper's History

After finishing the terrific Irwin Allen logo for our website, I asked artist Mike Suzor to do some special artwork for a new page I was thinking about doing here. I get countless e-mails from fans all over the world asking me, "Are any of these items for sale"? Well, there comes a time in everyone life, YES! it's for sale folks.

I finally came up with the idea and concept of using the famous 2-part episode from Lost in Space first season "The Keeper" starring Michael Rennie as the focus point for the new artwork. The title just came to me here, and off went the e-mail to St. Louis and to Mike to work on.

I also wanted "Odie" in that weird trance that The Keeper used with his wound to capture monsters and alien creatures for his collection. Mike was very cleaver in adding me in my Postal Letter Carrier uniform in the Keeper's cage for that final touch.

Here are several early drawings of the birth of this page for the website. Mike did an outstanding job on this artwork. Adding much fun, and excitement to the site, as only Mike can do. Such quality and personal style to his artwork, surely Mike is well noticed here, and well respected by the many fans that see his work on display throughout the website.

"Many thanks Mike, your a great friend, and a terrific artist!"

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