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  1. My policy on copyright material is to remove any materials I find to be questionable.
  2. The look and feel of my website is 100% created and owned by me, Robert Vanderpool, and I reserve all rights.
  3. The vast majority of all the images contained on the site were created for or by me, Robert Vanderpool, and are 100% my property and I reserve all rights.
  4. Some of the images and/or materials on display are the property of other individuals and they reserve all rights. I have secured permission to display these images and have given credit where possible.
  5. Many people send me photos from their personal collection, or information from places unknown to me. I do ask for those submitting information and or photos to let me know where they obtained such info when sending them to me.
  6. If you have submitted material for this website and wish to either have it updated or removed from the site, please contact me so I can correct this matter quickly.
  7. Please report to me any images or material you think might be questionable and I will take prompt action to resolve any and all issues.

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