"Uncle Odie's" Award Program Contest 2006 #5

We have a total of 13 submitted items for June/July 2006 to vote on. Please cast your vote only once for your favorite item. Additional photos can be viewed on our website in there respected categories. Voting starts on Sunday July 30th 2006 and ends August 12th 2006. Winner to be announced on Sunday August 13th 2006. All current Yahoo members in good standings are asked to vote.

Robert - "Uncle Odie"

01 Gemini-12 Diorama - Jerry VonMueller

02 LIS Replica Chariot Rifle - Bob Aucutt

03 LIS 3rd Season Laser Pistol Replica - Jerry & Darryl

04 Remco Purple Leader Robot - Jerry VonMueller

05 Jupiter-2 Diorama #7- Jerry VonMueller

06 Bill Mumy Music Logo - Larry Lee Moniz

07 Dr Smith and B9 Robot Cave Diorama - Chuck Edwards

08 Giant Spindrift Diorama - Chuck Edwards

09 Jupiter-2 Diorama - Chuck Edwards

10 Spindrift Diorama Simon Mercs

11 Jupiter-2 Special Edition - Pendercraft Crew

12 War of the Robots Diorama 8 - Jerry VonMueller

13 Remco Robot Recast - Jerry & Darryl

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