"Uncle Odie's" Award Program Contest #7

"Uncle Odie's Award Program for the month of August 2005. We have a total of 8 items for this months contest. Voting starts August 28, 2005 and ends on September 3, 2005 at 6:00 pm. (California Time) We ask that ALL current YAHOO members to please vote this week. Items can be viewed on our main page, and within the website inventory under "What's New".

If your not a current YAHOO member within our group, please join us, for we love to have you with us here. Many thanks to everyone for supporting this monthly program.

Robert - "Uncle Odie"

01 LIS Family Fan Photos - Bob Aucutt

02 Robby in Freezing Tube Diorama - Jerry VonMueller

03 LIS Fan Shirt - Chris Kreig

04 LIS Comic Art - Chris Kreig

05 Jupiter-2 Diorama - Simon Mercs

06 Irwin Allen Caricature Art - Marshall Jay Kaplan

07 Remco Robot Replica - Mike Aucutt

08 Special Jupiter-2 Custom Base - Simon Mercs