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My name is Robert Vanderpool! As you can see I am a collector and fan of classic shows of the 1960's related to Mr. Irwin Allen. It all started at the young age of 7 growing up in San Jose California. After these shows were cancelled, I remained a true fan watching reruns for many years. Being a normal kid, I moved on to new adventures.

In school, I enjoyed playing sports, and being active in art and drama. From there, I was very involved with kids and working in the bowling industry. For 25 years I was the Greater Santa Clara Valley YABA Bowling Association Secretary. I provided service for 17 bowling centers, processing sanctioned leagues, hosting tournaments, and issuing hundreds of awards weekly. I currently work for the U.S. Postal Service as a letter carrier, and have for the past 20 years. "What is "Uncle Odie" you ask?" When I was into the sport of bowling, I designed many awards for our local and national programs. Kids gave me many thank-you gifts over the years. I had a stuffed "Odie" doll sitting on my desk. A kid came into my office, and stated "Uncle Odie" to me. "I loved it!" From there I contacted Jim Davis, the cartoonist for "Garfield" and the creator of "Odie" to see if I could use "Odie" for our bowling mascot. Mr. Davis loved the idea, and I created a special club for Odie. The program consisted of awards, emblems, certificates, ribbons, etc. I even received National recogition from the National Bowling Headquarters in Greendale, Wisconsin, and my awards were placed into the National Bowling Musuem in St. Louis, Missouri.

"Why Irwin Allen & this Collection?"

In 1997 I attended a special convention honoring Mr. Irwin Allen. It was there that I started this non-stop madness of collecting. I saw models of LIS by Lunar models, and met my dear friend, "David Gutierrez" of Elizabeth Lake California. David has been building models for me non-stop, and has built nearly 100 plus models in 4 years. It was also at this event that I met many of the original actors from Mr. Irwin Allen's TV shows. Then, friends told me to buy a computer and look up the eBay auction site. That decision has changed my life forever. Without eBay, my collection would not be what it is today. The items, friends, and the contacts have made all the difference in my search for these rare and vintage items. I am well known to the eBay community for spending BIG $$ when biding on items of interest!

My collection has grown so fast even I can't believe it. Original LIS actors such as Bob May and Bill Mumy are aware of my collection. Even Hollywood producer Kevin Burns has spoken to me by phone and e-mails. I also currently write articles on my collection in the LISFAN Monthly and the Bill Mumy club. I truly enjoy sharing my collection with the fans.

"My goal in all of this?" Simply to keep the name "Irwin Allen" alive. The mission is to promote interest and to educate people on these collectibles. My collection will continue to grow, and it will never be, "LOST IN SPACE!"


Robert Vanderpool - "Uncle Odie"

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