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Updated: May 12, 2022

Saturday, October 14th 2006, I saw a dream realized. For the first time, I got to meet most of the cast of Lost in Space. I met Bill Mumy years ago at the WonderCon Comic Convetion when it was still in Oakland California, And I have met Bobby May several times. I finally got to meet Angela Cartwright, Mata Kristen, and June Lockhart. First I taked with June, who looked glowing. I told her how honored I was to get the chance to thank her for so many years of enjoyment, primarily from her Lost in Space years. She was very sweet, and politely thanked me for coming out and greeting her. I then moved on to Marta, who is a lovely woman in looks and in personality. She's a real sweetheart. Next was Angela I couldn't think of a thing to say at first, because Angela Cartwright was my first real crush. When I told her this, Bill Mumy was look on and smiling. His expression seem to suggest that this was the case with many a man walking up to the table!

Then I met with Bill I designed the logo for Bill's Mumy Music. He said, "Well, nice to finally meet back up with you!" I let him know how much fun I had designing things for his fan club and wroking with his fan club president (and close personal friend Glennda Kountz). He thanked me for all of my work. I also for the first time saw Glennda face-to-face. I had spoke with her about a hundred times on the phone, and was thrilled to meet her finally! Next up, the one and only Bobby May! He said (of my wearing a Lost in Space logo t-shirt) "You're certainly wearing the right shirt, don't take that shirt off!" Bob is always a kick!

I took photos of the cast, and they were all very generous with their time and really enjoy the fans who appreciate them. It all seemed to happen so fast, I can hardy believe it happened at all! Most of the people that have been fans of Lost in Space have met the cast during the revival of the show in the late '90s. I wasn't so fortunate. Of course, I would have given anything to have been able to say hello to Jonathan Harris. Guy Williams would have been a treat as well. And I will get to Dick Tufeld one day soon, and Mark Goddard and I need to talk! All in all, I had a blast, and I now feel more a part of this great show than ever before!

It was always fun to see Jerry and Jeff again, and to take pictures of Jerry with the cast of Land Of The Giants (specifically Deanna Lund, Don Marshall and Don Matheson)!

May they all live forever!

Larry Lee Moniz

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