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2007-06-24 - HIGH TEC. SCIENCE

Updated: July 27, 2007

Here are some pictures of June Lockhart and Bob May at the South Florida Science Museum. When I found out they were going to be there, I contacted the director, and then I heard from Richard Newman, the owner of the original Lost In Space Robot that was going to be there. I told him how I was a big LIS fan and why because of my deployment, I couldn't make it to their Robo-fest.

When he told me that he had discussed it with June Lockhart and Bob May and that they would be sending me out a special gift package to me. When I heard that, I sent out some Operation Iraqi Freedom coffee cups, two large prints of our US Navy Customs Battalion, and a cartoon for Bob May of the Robot in combat fatigues. Im told Bob especially loved the cartoon because he was a former Army vet.

I asked for some photos to be taken of them holding the stuff I sent them, and they also sent in return two autographed photos, plus a talking key chain LIS Robot!

June Lockhart's birthday was also celebrated there that weekend in June, and the local paper also did a nice write up about the "Robo-fest" and how Lost in Space continues to be very popular. One fan drove 40 miles out of his way to see the stars.

Here are the photos, plus links,

Chris Krieg

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