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Updated: August 19, 2023

Screen-used special-effects miniature of the Alien Queen from Aliens. ( TCF, 1986 ) This impressive scale model of the Alien Queen was used in the climactic final sequence when Ripley ( Sigourney Weaver ), battling the Queen in the Power Loader, tumbles down the shaft with the Queen in an attempt to save the little girl "Newt". This scene was edited using three different models, including a life-size Queen puppet and two smaller miniatures, of which this is the "hero" special-effects version.

The miniature is constructed of foam over a wire armature, and airbrushed in a muted color scheme of black and midnight blue. Due to age and production use, the miniature has incurred some deterioration primarily at the skeletal hands and feet, which has been professionally repaired to complete the display. While the restored areas were re-touched, the majority of the paint scheme on this miniature is original. Also, a few spikes on the back that were missing have been re-sculpted and incorporated into the spine, and the poseable tail was sculpted from archival photo reference direct from the Stan Winston Studios.

This miniature was originally obtained from a special effects crew member on the film through a close personal friend of H.R. Giger, the original designer of the Alien creature for the first film. Mounted on a custom display stand, this important special-effects miniature from the second film in the Alien series is perhaps the best, and certainly most impressive, screen-used model of the Alien Queen that a collector could ever hope to acquire. Length ( as seen in pictures with tail curled in ): 45 in. x 18 in. ( width ) x 25 in. ( height )

Value: $25,000.

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