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Updated: November 30, 2023

An original, highly-detailed color pencil illustration depicting how a human operator would fit into the Xenomorph costume which contained the double-mouth mechanism, designed by Carlo Rambaldi during the pre-production phase of the sci-fi horror classic, Alien ( 20th Century Fox, 1979 ).

The illustration depicts an actor wearing the Alien head, as well as the interior mechanics and cable controls which operated the dual-jaw device - accented by an adjacent thumbnail image of the full-sized creature in stalking mode. Below this are profile and top view illustrations of the Alien head, with its inner jaw fully extended, rendered in the style of the creature's original designer, H.R. Giger.

It should be noted as well that the illustration pays homage to Nigerian born, Bolaji Badejo ( 8/23/53-12/22/92 ) the visual artist and actor who in his sole film role, wore the Alien head and costume during production. Badejo stood 6-feet 10-inches tall and was cast by director Ridley Scott after being discovered in a pub in the UK by a member of the casting crew. Artwork Measures: 48 x 34 inches.

Value: $10,000.

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