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Updated: August 19, 2023

A full-scale display figure of the "Alien Queen" from James Cameron's sequel film Aliens ( 20th Century Fox, 1986 ), which follows returning heroine Ellen Ripley ( Sigourney Weaver ) as she accompanies a team of Marines sent to investigate the radio silence of the colony on LV-426, the planet on which the crew encountered the xenomorph in the original film, Alien ( 20th Century Fox, 1979 ).

Though H.R. Giger and his team won an Academy Award for Best Visual Effects for Alien, the Swiss artist was not heavily involved in the creature design for the films that would follow in the franchise. Instead, Cameron enlisted Stan Winston ( with whom he had worked on The Terminator ) for Aliens. The pair worked on concepts for the Queen together, building a test puppet from foam and black trash bags ( "the Garbage Bag Queen" ) and then fabricating the components from molds in England with Winston's British special effects crew. Special effects supervisor John Richardson began to figure out how to make the giant puppet move, an arduous task in itself. Ultimately, the Alien Queen required up to 8 operators to create the organic performance seen on screen.

This display model is one of five created and stands 7.5 feet tall and 17 feet long. It was made from the original film production molds and includes expertly painted fiberglass and polyfoam components on a steel armature: an impressive head and carapace with two hind legs, two pairs of arms, one pair of scapular spikes, and a flexible foam tail. The pieces have been painted in eerie greens, blues, and grays, and intricate detail has been added around the mouth to simulate the Queen's characteristic slavering and slimy jaws. Includes two adjustible steel stands to support the weight of the creature.

Includes three eggs ( one hollow fiber glass, one foam, and one plastic and resin display egg with exhibit plaque ). Approx 90 x 204 inches ( overall, assembled ); 43 x 28 inches ( each base ); approx. 36 x 26 x 26 inches ( each egg ).

Value: $10,000.

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