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Updated: May 27, 2023

From the Saturday morning TV adventures comes, "Space Academy" starring Jonathan Harris. After Lost in Space was cancelled in 1968, Jonathan Harris moved onto other things. In 1977 Jonathan took the role of "Issac Gampu" in Space Academy. His role was an instructor in "Space Academy" and favorite of the students in his class. There were 4 dolls made from the TV series. Characters, Issac Gampu, Chris Gentry, Tee Gar Soom, and Loki. The dolls were made in 1977 by the Aviva Toy Company, and produced in Hong Kong.

Also featured here are the other character dolls released from the TV series. The dolls are, Lee Gar Soom, Chris Gentry, & Loki. These dolls complete as a set is very rare.

( * ) One thing I have found out about these dolls after owing several of them and seeing them on eBay is that, the company used very poor plastic and the hands and legs in time crumble away. Sad for these are really cool items, and hard to find any of them in excellent condition!!!

( On September 3, 2001 I sold one of these dolls on eBay, selling for, $423.00! )

Value: $100. ( Each )

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