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Updated: March 30, 2024

This is a faceplate panel that came from an Electodata B-205 computer console and was later used as a prop on Lost in Space.

In the first episode, "The Reluctant Stowaway", six B-205 consoles can be seen on the balcony of the Alpha Control set with a small modification. Two holes were added with phone jacks so the technicians at the desks could plug their headsets into the consoles.

Then those same consoles were later used on the Jupiter-2 set and those same two headset holes could still be seen on the consoles although not used very often. The Jupiter-2 also used six B-205 consoles. Three were the most familiar ones and seen at the upper flight deck viewport. One was in the auxilary control room on the lower deck and had a rotary switch installed at the upper right register plate. One was seen only once in the engine room in "The Raft", and the last one was the B-205 front panel only, without the cabinet, and was attached to the wall in the lab. These consoles were also switched around to other alien spaceship and cave sets and one was even used as the Bat computer on the series Batman. The tall tape drive units that came with the Electrodata/Burroughs computers were also used in many episodes as well as other panels from the computer.

For more information on the B-205 consoles, there is a website devoted to them at:

Information there tells about the history of them and what other movies and TV series they were used on. Also for more informatation on this particular panel and other Lost in Space props go to:

For those who would like to buy their own replica B-205 complete with flashing lights go to:

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