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Updated: March 30, 2024

Replica Burroughs B205 control panel with working electronics. As seen in various Irwin Allen TV and Fox series, including the flight console of the Lost in Space Jupiter-2 spacecraft as well as the computers used at Alpha Control in addition to the batcomputer. I had the metal faceplate panels designed professionally and manufactured at a panel fabricator based on Burroughs plans ( I also have the design files from which additional panels could be fabricated ). I fabricated the case which houses the panels and electronics. I also designed and build the electronics that controls over 180 led lights on the panel.

What you see in the pictures represents about $1000 in parts and about 200 hours of my labor. Note that I did not identically match the knobs as used in the actual Burroughs panels but if you have access to obtain them, the ones I installed could be easily switched out. Note that the original props used regular incandescent light bulbs and all of the bulbs on my replica are leds. The weight is 40 lbs and the prop is about 3 feet wide.

More pictures to show how nice the finished case looks. Also added close of pics showing how carefully the high intensity leds were installed in the front plates and the quality of the electronics work.

Value: $1,000.

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