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Updated: January 24, 2016

A replica of Beely Bones head full size 1:1. from the Lost in Space episode Treasure from the Lost Planet. The dimension of the box are 11 X 12 X 13 inches and is made from wood with a texture and a special antique finish added to it. The handle are made of metal with rubber tube inserts and the doors are attach to the 2 hinges on the back panel. The Beely Bones face on the front was cut from styrene and painted by hand to achive the antique gold finish.

The corners of the box are made fron PVC and metal nails. Inside the box the head is sitting on his pedestal and the effect is very nice because everything around is black. It really has an hypnotic effect when you look at it. The head itself is 9 inches tall (23 cm) and is cast from a rubber mold in ultracal plaster. The master have been sculpted from clay at first. The thicknes of the head is about 1 inch. A texture finish is added with a silver color finish.

The jaw is moving but is not mecanised in the prop and the surface of the eyes are made from clear thick acetate with a clear red color.There is no light bulbs or LED for the red eyes effect but they can be install by you inside the head + the head is not fixed to the base so it gives you the free choice of adding a motor mecanism with a cam for the jaw. Maybe you can make it talk and say GOOD EVENING? It has been made with the reference material of the TV show, pictures, etc.

This is the prototype and the only one of it's kind . Beely Bones head was appearing in the Lost in Space episode Treasure from the Lost Planet with special guest Albert Salmi (Captain Tucker) and Nic the Robotic silver parrot.

(*) This way cool replica appeared on eBay on April 23, 2005. Item was made by a loyal LIS fan from Canada. Truly one of the best fan made items from the classic TV series.

Special thanks to, "Pierre Veilleux" for making this item possible!

Value: $800.

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