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Updated: September 09, 2022

Lost in Space Jupiter-2 with two custom action mini figures. From the televison historic classic 60's series Space family Robinsons. Newly just custom built from Polar Lights Model kit. With Customized-Features Includes:

Mini-Robot & John Robinson. Lights! In Power-Core & Cut-Out Leg-Wells & Legs Stationary. All six Freeze-Tubes Light-Up with a Frosted inserted base. Added also Scratch-Built six Freezing-Coils enhanced with Plexi-Tube in front. Equals 3-sets Freezing-Coils: with one Plexi-Tube: with each set of Freezing-Coils. Comes with 9 x 12 inch & 1.25-inch depth: Red display stand. Powered by 8 Pack AA-Batteries sits under display. On-off switch on back Of stand for Power-Core close-up photo shows switch.

If you are familar with this model kit it had flaws for one added these scratch-built pilot-chairs. Bulkier-look with metal-back + black rubber in seats. Power-Core Flashing-Lights with / electric wire runs down back leg tiny hole drilled in back of stand Battery-Pack under dispay-stand when needed has two-part snap-connectors just unsnap to free 8 AA-Battery Pack to change Batteries. Beautiful paint job metallic-silver & some scratch-built interior detail: Paint highlighting & decals. Scratch-built-Parts Includes: Add-Ons to give 3D prop realistc appearance: Central Astrogator: Add-On Guidiance Steering-Handle + Control Board. the Jupiter-2 inside the Astrogator was changed to different bigger Spacecraft!

At Communication Center added decals. Elevator front cut-open & put on new ceiling: Top Disc. Very realistic cut-out area with Red-Ball Gyroscope. Power-Core Lights modeled after "The Derelict" episode. Outer shell will be permanent in place just Dome-Lid Comes Off To View. All Walling Extra Support At joints with connecting tab. No Lower-Deck as that space used for Power-Core Lighting & as stated outer shell permanent to base.

This Classic TV Show From 60's airdate on Sept 15, 1965 first episode titled: The Reluctant Stowaway. We begin at Alpha Control Launching The Jupiter-2 On October 16, 1997. On the first colonization flight to Alpha Centauri Star System.

Since the trip will take 5 1/2 years to complete the Robinson Family & the Pilot: Don West are frozen in State of Suspended Animation. Unknown to Alpha Contraol & the Robinsons Doctor Zachery Smith an unknown Agent of Enemy Power has programed the Ship's Robot to destroy several of the Jupiter's Life Support Systems exactly 8 hours after launch, but the notorious Doctor Smith is trapped aboard & begins our amazing adventures of being Lost in Space.

The simple but complex Jupiter-2 steals the show!!!!!!!!!!

Jupiter-2 diorama created by, Jerry VonMueller.

Value: $500.

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