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Updated: September 09, 2022

Lost in Space Gemini-12 Launch Site Diorama just made newly-customized! LiGHTS! Sound! Robot! Chariot! Towers! Figures!

This is the day ...... from the historic Lost in Space television Unaired pilot: "No Place To Hide" the classic 60's TV series with the Robinson family. Customized to bring to life tangible fun for Lost in Space collectibles!

Gemini-12 customized from the 12-inch Polar Lights model kit: * With Launch-Gantry stands approximate 15-inch. Framed black plastic platform 25-inch by 19-inch with night time background of city. Backdrop of city is supported. * With the three Alpha Control Pre-Launch Towers approximate 15-inches tall.

If you know Lost in Space as most fans do you will appreciate the Gemini-12 for it's original beauty & concept. After the pilot It was changed from the Gemini-12 to the Jupiter-2 so not to be confused with the Gemini Space Program as rumor has it! * The original windows on Gemini-12 were much larger than that of the Jupiter-2. * As also the much larger Power-Core both are customized here from this model kit. In the original plans for the Gemini-12 the details included: Automatic Pilot, Environmental Chambers meaning the Freezing-Tubes & their Controls, Observation Windows, Tool Storage, Exit Hatch & Contols with Computer, Food Storage Area was located on this first level as there was no Lower Deck Intended for the original pilot film.

Any hard core Lost in Space fan would know there was to be a Parachute Landing but was scratched for the more dramatic Metorite Crash sequence. * On the three Pre-Launch Towers: Have added many extra details each having their own specific functions: One for Chariot with lift / one for supplies: Cartons of Laser Rifles, Robot, Food etc / one with Elevator for people & Radar Control. * These 3-Towers & Bases are 100% scratch-built the Tower Scaffolds are pre-made though did scratch-built a few of these Scaffolds as Towers have four-sides. * Each Tower has it's own power source AA-battery pack on-off switch with orange Led Lights, Towers can be placed at your choice, but will provide guided layout for placements.

* The Robot was not in the original pilot but could not do this without the Bubble-Headed-Booby ....... Here the Robot is custom made & comes in his own carton. *Two custom figures included Are: Don West & John Robinson. The Johnny Lightning "Chariot" included!

* All lights include: Power-Core With Led-Chaser-Lights: Assorted Speeds. * Orange Led-Lights On the three Pre-Launch Towers. * Blinking-Led-Lights inside the Gemini-12: The Bubble-Dome Multi-Color Led-Light, & one Flashing Interior Light Concealed in Dome Cover-Hatch. * and blinkng interior Led-Lights behind the Acetate Decals: The three pilot's Control Dashboard, all the blue Acetate Decals behind Freeze-Tubes, & few other assorted decals sorry was really hard to catch photos of blinking lights showing a few here.

* Custom cut-out 3D Red-Ball General Alarm ~ not flat wall as in Polar Lights kit. * The pilot Gemini-12 had no Landing Wells or Legs so were all putty & sanded to be authentic. * The two pilot seats are the nicely done Sky-Hook chairs that do not come with This Kit Sorry Overwhelmed With All did not get good photos of these great seats!! * Power sources for Lights on Gemini-12 as follows:

* For Dome-Lights in Roof piece held on by magnets & velcor powered by watch batteries: On-off switch under Dome-Lid. ~ wires running to Roof for Cockpit Light with male & female connectors not necessary as wires are long for lifting Dome-Lid to view interior. * Yellow-Toggle-Switch underside of Ship is for blinkng interior lights. The one Overhead-Interior-Dome-Light. Power source for these lights AA-battteries sit concealed behind wall & outer shell. * Red-Switch underside of Gemini-12 for Power Core Speeds. Then on-off switch to turn Power Core Lights on Battery-Hatch bottom of Ship unscrew hatch when batteries need replaced: 4 AA-batteries. * All batteries newly provided & will provide added instructions. This work will not be repeated..... Oh the Pain! took months with lots & lots of Lost in Space TLC madness!

This is my Lost in Space Swan Song! This is the day this is the Gemini-12hHope you enjoy as much as I did building It. The Launch Gantry is glued firmly to the white Launch-Circle & not to the Display-Platform. So that is movable also for assorted arrangements. Please this is only for highly intelligent avid fans who are familar with props and models. * The sound features For: Even more fun! Including Recorded-Clips from: The pilot episode: "No Place To Hide" for serious Lost in Space collectors ~ One of a kind display-piece collectible memorabilia!

Created by Jerry VonMueller!

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