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Updated: October 19, 2022

Warning! Warning! Here is yet another one-of-a-kind B-9 Robot from Jerry VonMueller of New York City. (Silverspider2000) Another wonderful take on this classic B-9 / YM-3 Lost in Space Robot. This Robot stands 9.25 inches tall. Made from two different Robots with various custom parts. Such as black-vinyl Robot legs, black-rubber non-flexiable arms, red-painted custom-claws,& custom first-seaon Robot-chest-plate.

Jerry wanted to make this Robot within the first season TV black / white look with a touch of color. With a special power-pac, red-claws, & lower chest-plate also added. The squares on the chest plate & lower 12-buttons are all hand-made, which gives a one of a kind unique look! Brain has stationary chrome spinner w/hint of Remco-look to it as well! Torso is flat-grey with a sea-blue radar-spinners. The Robot's torso is from the Toy Island Robot. The bottom platform with / soil-sampler is from the Trendmasters Robot. The Robot's arms, cuffs, & claws are totally custom made from scratch, & Robot's bubble head is also from the Toy Island Robot. The custom power pac was cut from a green circuit board. All & all a real tribute to the 1960's Sci-Fi Fantasy Robot we all love.

I wish to again thank Jerry & Cynthia for closing this auction early, and allowing me yet another terrific item for my collection. "Two claws up Jerry on another fantasic Robot well done!"

Value: $250.

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