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Updated: September 09, 2022

12-inch Jupiter-2 with mini B-9 Robot. From the televison historic classic 60's series Lost in Space Robinson Family. Newly custom built from Polar Lights Model Kit.

With Customized-Features: Includes:

Mini-Robot & Figures: Doctor Smith / Don West / John Robinson. Lights! In Power-Core & Dome + Scratch-Built-Parts. Comes with 9 x 12 inch & 1.25-inch depth: Black Display Stand. Powered By 8 Pack AA-Batteries Sits Under Display. ON-OFF Switch on Back Of Stand For Power-Core & Lever Under Lid For Dome-Light. Dome-Light Takes Watch Batteries Alternates-Colors: Red & Green. Close-Up Photos Showing The Two Dome-Colors & Two Switchs For The Lights.

If You Are Familar With This Model Kit It Had Flaws For One Added These Authentic Pilot-Chairs. Not Easy To Change Chairs 200% Improve Over the Park Benches That Came With Model-Kit. Power-Core Flashing-Lights with / Electric Wire Runs Down Back Leg Tiny Hole Drilled In Back OF Stand Battery-Pack Under Dispay-Stand When Needed Has Two-Part Snap-Connectors Just Unsnap To Free 8 AA-Battery Pack To Change Batteries. Beautiful Paint Job Metallic-Silver & Some Scratch-Built Interior Details & Paint Highlighting.

Scratch-Built Parts Includes:

Add-Ons To Give 3D Prop Realistc Appearance: Central Astrogator: Add-On Guidiance Steering-Handle + Control Board. At Communication Center Metal-Rods Added To Make View-Finder. Door To Left Of Communication-Center Door-Window Cut-Out Smoke-Tinted Plastic Inserted. Elevator Front Cut-Open & Put On New Ceiling: Top Disc. Cut-Out Area With Red-Ball Gyroscope: Labeled Above: General Alarm As Shown On Show. Outer Shell Will Be Permanent In Place Just Dome-Lid Comes Off To View. And All Walling Extra Support At Joints With Connecting Tabs & Legs Stationary. No Lower-Deck As That Space Used For Power-Core Lighting & As Stated Outer Shell Permanent To Base. Comes With Johnny Lightning Space-Pod Fun Accessory. Jupiter-2 Just Sits On Display-Stand With Space-Pod Your Choice.

This Classic TV Show From 60's AirDate On Sept 15 1965 First Episode Titled: The Reluctant Stowaway. We Begin At Alpha Control Launching The Jupiter-2 On October 16 1997. On The First Colonization Flight To Alpha Centauri Star System. Since The Trip Will Take 5 1/2 Years To Complete The Robinson Family. The Pilot: Don West Are Frozen In State Of Suspended Animation. Unknown To Alpha Contraol & The Robinsons Doctor Zachery Smith An Unknown Agent Of Enemy Power Has Programed the Ship's Robot To Destroy Several Of The Jupiter's Life Support Systems Exactly 8 Hours After Launch But The Notorious Doctor Smith Is Trapped Aboard & Begins Our Amazing Adventures Of Being Lost in Space.

The Simple But Complex Jupiter-2 Steals The Show!!!!!!!!!!

Value: $350.

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