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Updated: May 26, 2005

Replica Custom built from 12-inch Jupiter-2 Polar Lights Model Kit. made to look like episode Wish Upon a Star! Dr. Smith had to wish for his all you have to do is bid! Comes with clear plexi-plastic-display stand space-ship in flight-mode made to look more like prop than model all seams sealed-shut putty smooth done expertly beautiful & accented the bottom with added extra accents for gold lower-deck collison-windows, silver panels for landing gear with power-core silver.

Jupiter-2 painted flat-grey to look as the Original 60's TV-Show B+W Season. Interior has been painted black with accent on the three contol-boards in pilot-window area, two custom pilot seats, custom front-windows thicker frame-bars & astorgator in center of ship. No lights just lite the astorgator from above for effects for picture.

This Jupiter-2 is built by avid LIS-fan, Jerry VonMueller of New York City!

Value: $150.

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