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Updated: September 10, 2022

I enjoy your website and view it often. Like your self, I am also a huge Irwin Allen fan. As a child of the sixties I developed an interest in "Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea" and "Lost in Space", which I have maintained through adulthood. Some of my Irwin Allen artwork and model work can be found on "Mikes Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Zone" and I have just completed a major redesign of my 5' Seaview, the exterior was given updated detailing and a new paint job and the interior was gutted and rebuilt with super detailing.

I recently completed a model of the Jupiter-2 that shows the complete interior. This Jupiter-2 "cutaway" that shows every area of the interior and not just the "acting sets". This Jupiter-2 model looks "lived in", with detailed control consoles, pictures on the walls, and carton storage. The behind the scene areas are detailed with mechanical hardware and storage vessels. A scratch built Robinson family and robot were created and mounted outside on the planets surface. (The complete article can be found at: CultTVman)

Ted Koch

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