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Updated: September 09, 2022

Gary Sampson here, the guy who made the homemade Robinsons WB J-2 model that you have featured on your "Uncle Odie" site. I recently got some ideas for what I was originally calling the "Jupiter-7". After making the exterior of the model, (I plan to detail the interior, but that may be a work in progress for some time), I came to the inescapeable conclusion that what I actually have done is redesign the Jupite-2 to what my expectations of an updated version should look like.

My next e-mail to you is the pictures of the model. Don't put them on your site yet, I want you to see them and show them to a few friends you trust. I think you will agree that I have a design that hard-core fans can embrace, since I didn't stray from the original much. I have heard a rumor that since LIS as a new TV show was up for grabs again and that some production company was pursuing it. I don't know if this is true, but if it is, I sure would like for these people to take a look at my new model, I'd love to get this design on a new LIS TV series! That may be just dreaming, but hey it's worth a try!

Ok, well take a look and get back to me, I eagerly await your reaction.

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