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Updated: December 08, 2022

This diorama of Hunter's Moon is an imaginary scene where Megazor on a hillside might have watched John landing the Space Pod at the beginning of the episode. I had wanted to do a diorama of the Space Pod landing like they filmed the miniature Space Pod on the show, and I had also wanted to depict the scene of Megazor on the real hill at the 20th Century Fox ranch, so I combined the two into one diorama. I never noticed how many bones were in the scenes until I started studying the screen shots, they probably represented Megazors previous kills. The prop department also made some fake bushes that they brought to the ranch to make the location seem more alien. I made it at 1/24th scale to match the Moebius Space Pod and Megazor and his Robot were designed and 3D printed by Gary Stair. This is the third diorama that I've built using the Space Pod.

Bill Hedges

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