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Updated: August 03, 2022

This is a hand sculpted and hand painted figure by Brian Davis of Ocala Flordia. The sculpture is made of polymer clay. The figure is 10.50" high. This special sculpture was a special request made by me for Brian to make for my collection. As you can see, Brian was very kind in making this great one-of-a-kind sculpture. This is alien Megazor played by Vincent Beck from Lost in Space third seasons epiosode, "Hunter's Moon". Which originally aired on CBS on September 27, 1967 epiosode #63. Written by Jack Turley, and directed by Don Richardson. This is one of my all-time favorites from the classic series.

I have asked Brian to sculpture me the alien hunting device (Zarn Destructor Blade) used by Megazor when hunting for John Robinson (Guy Williams). This was the sheild-like device that shot out flying spinning razor disc that would kill Megazor's pray.

Many thanks Brian, for another terrific sculpture!

Value: $300.

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