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Updated: August 31, 2021

This item hit the eBay site not just once, but twice. The first time the item did not meet the reserve asking price. The second time, a fellow eBayer out bided me at the last moment loosing the item. Two weeks later, I received a phone call from owner Terry Fitton of, "Monsters in Motion" in Orange California. The previous buyer defaulted in sending payment, and wanted to know if I was still interested in the item? As you can see, the item is now in my collection. This is an original storyboard from the TV series, "Land of the Giant's". A four page, ( including logo ) from the episode, "On a Clear Night". These story boards are used by writers, producers, directors, and actors prior to shooting the episode. These are very rare, and not often available for sale. The storyboard pages are 8 x 10 done in black ink and water coloring shading. I purchased this item on June 19, 1999.

Also shown here is an 8x10 copy photo of the pre-production art created for Irwin Allen's TV classic Land of the Giant's. This early drawing shows the large giant's foot, with the little people near by. Art of this sort is usually only seen by studio executives and other members of the cast or crew, and is rarely sees the light of day outside the studio. Most of these storyboard drawings were distroyed after the epiodes were completed shooting.

Value: $1,000-Up.

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