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Updated: July 11, 2023

Original Concept Artwork ( 2 ) of a Giant Red Ball and Catspaw Menacing "Spindrift" from Land of the Giants ( Irwin Allen Productions, 1968-1970 ). Vintage original concept art from The Land of the Giants in oil paint with varnish, measuring 20" x 30" indented to 17" x 22" on 4-ply artist board, glue tipped to a mat measuring 23" x 32" and hinged with transparent mylar overlay. The pre-production artwork depicts Alexander Fitzhugh and Barry Lockridge pursued by an enormous rolling red ball. A second artwork depicts an enormous catspaw menacing "Spindrift" in oil paint with light varnish measuring 16" x 20", indented to 12" x 16" on a mat measuring 17" x 21" and hinged with transparent mylar overlay. Actual artwork reproduced on pages 298-301 of "The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen" by Jeff Bond, Creature Features 2019.

Value: $1,000. ( Each )

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