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Updated: May 21, 2021

Nearly five years ago I received an e-mail from Ron Middlekauff. He told me that he started watching me bid and win items on eBay. How he honored me and my love of collecting Irwin Allen related items. Thanks to Ron and several others my collection has grown, and the birth of this wanted website. Ron and I have kept in touch, and someday Ron and I will finally meet. Ron and his family lives in the Sacramento area, and work's as a TV New's photographer. He is a true LIS die hard fan, and one of the nicest freinds I have ever meet on the internet.

"Many thanks Ron for all your kindness, the dream continues!" Ron was nice enough to e-mail me this Robot add that was issued in the Sacramento Bee's paper recently!

(*) Update: On Sunday October 2, 2004 Ron and his wife attended a Hollywood fan event. Many of the Lost in Space cast were in attendance. Ron was kind enough to send me 18 plus photos on the one day event. That evening they were invited to, Kirk Roderick's house for dinner. About 8 fans showed up including a fan from Australia. Ray Dutczak (LIS Memories) and the man himself (Bob May) the Robot, came over for the fun gathering.

Thanks Ron for the photos, hope I can plan this event next year!

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