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Updated: May 06, 2017

This new revised and expanded edition of The SSRN Seaview Technical Manual includes all new art and utilizes new research to deliver more detail and accuracy than ever before.

The 96 page book features all aspects of the futuristic super-sub, as well as the support vehicles (Flying Sub, Diving Bell, and Mini Sub).

Full text describes the development and mission of the vehicles.

Interior details are featured in greater depth, along with drawings of compartments and equipment not featured in the original edition.

Enclosed are two FULL-COLOR 28" x 19" fold-out posters of both the launch and refit versions of the Seaview, with exterior details on one side, full interior on the other.

The 96 page book and fold-out blueprints are a huge improvement in quality and accuracy over the brief 40 page 1994 edition.

And in FULL COLOR!!!

Designed & written by Frederick Barr.

This document has been prepared to familiarize boarding personnel with the vessel.

This manual contains 96 pages and includes over twenty different blueprints: Circuitry Room, Crews Quarters, passageways, Missile Room overview, Missile Room starboard bulkhead elevation, Reactor Control Island, Mini-sub, Control Room & Observation Deck, Missile Room Forward & Aft bulkhead, Sail ConningTower), Standard Hatches, Control Room & Observation Deck Port & Starboard Bulkhead Elevation, Sail (Conning Tower) Bow Elevation & Overview Plan, Diving Bell, S.S.R.N. Seaview General Outboard Plans Launch Configuration, S.S.R.N. Seaview Interior Plans Refitted Configuration, AND MORE!

A must have for all Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Fans.

Retails: $39.95

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