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Updated: August 18, 2023

A U.S.S. Yeager NCC-65674 Intrepid Variant visual effects model used in the production of the television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine ( Paramount Domestic Television, 1993-1999 ).

The model was studio made "kitbash" style by effects supervisor Gary Hutzel, built from commercially sold licensed model kits for the U.S.S. Voyager and the Maquis style ship. The model was used and filmed in the Dominion War scenes and episodes in the series. It was customized with studio quality painting, and it features an opening in the bottom center area for a motion control mount with internal wiring. The primary hull and nacelles originated from a Revell-Monogram U.S.S. Voyager model kit ( No. 3604 ) along with the rear hull from a Chakotay's Maquis Raider model kit ( No. 3605 ), with the nacelles from the U.S.S. Voyager added to the wings of the Mauis Raider.

Michael Okuda has in the past provided insights about his view on the use of kitbashes: "One thing I like about this ship is that it has a distinctly different profile than most other Federation ships. You can see that it's different, even when it's very small on the screen, which is how it's intended to be seen. Otherwise it wouldn't be worth the effort. I love the fact that the DS9 VFX folks put in the extra effort to hint that there was more to Starfleet than the four or five big models that Paramount owned."

The U.S.S. Yeager model purportedly makes the most appearances in stock footage of establishing shots of the Deep Space Nine station in Seasons 5, 6, and 7. It is seen in stock footage as part of the Ninth Fleet behind the Deep Space Nine space station. The U.S.S. Yeager was also the only kitbash model offered in the original "40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection" in 2006. Star Trek fan sites have identified the U.S.S. Yeager in the following episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: "In the Cards," "Sacrifice of Angels," "Resurrection," "The Magnificent Ferengi," "Waltz," "One Little Ship," "Honor Among Thieves," "Change of Heart, "Wrongs Darker Than Death or Night, "Inquisition," "The Reckoning," "Profit and Lace," "The Sound of Her Voice," "Chrysalis," "Once More Unto the Breach," "It's Only a Paper Moon," "Prodigal Daughter," "Field of Fire," "Chimera," and "Badda-Bing, Badda-Bang." Prop measures 15 x 20 inches.

Value: $15,000.

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