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Updated: September 10, 2023

Leonard Nimoy "Spock" Vulcan Lute from Star Trek: The Original Series ( Paramount, 1966-1969 ). Vintage original lute prop constructed of wood, acrylic, wire and metal components. Expertly studio designed and assembled to appear as an exotic, long-necked, stringed instrument. In the legendary Sci-Fi series, this 12-stringed instrument hailed from the planet "Vulcan," was tuned on a diatonic scale, and was famous for the soothing music it generated. This prop is highly visible when played by "Spock" ( Nimoy ) in Original Series episodes including "Charlie X", "Amok Time" and "The Way To Eden". "Uhura" ( Nichelle Nichols ) also sang while accompanying herself with this instrument in episode, "The Conscience of the King". The iconic prop instrument measures 39" x 17" x 1.5" and can be clearly screen matched by its many hallmarks in multiple episodes, including hardware placement and the distinctive woodgrain. The prop was painted black and gold for a subsequent production, but Greg Jein had begun restoration, sanding off most of the paint, with the exception of the area directly under the brass strings, the neck area as well as the control knobs and its back plate. The back of the prop retains a vintage original typed label reading, ( c ) 1969 Paramount Pictures Corporation, and there are two ports cut into the lower back of the instrument to access the bolt that affixes the oversized wooden knob to the front exterior. An iconic and distinctive prop from the Original Series. Exhibits age, minor chipping and delamination along edges.

Value: $15,000.

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