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Updated: July 26, 2023

Leonard Nimoy "Mister Spock" Green Grecian Chiton and Gold Belt from the Episode: "Plato's Stepchildren" from Star Trek: The Original Series ( Paramount TV, 1966-1969 ). "Mr. Spock's" green Grecian tunic and gold belt worn by Leonard Nimoy in Season 3 Episode 10, "Plato's Stepchildren". The custom-made Grecian chiton of green fabric knit with silver Lurex, blue and gold trim at the shoulders with two pairs of thread-wrapped buttons, and replete with a thick belt made of green and gold metallic fabric thickly trimmed with gold painted foil. In the episode, the USS Enterprise answers a distress call from the Platonians, who dress in the styles of Ancient Greece and use their telekinetic powers to control the minds of Spock and William Shatner "Captain Kirk". This historic episode is known for the early and controversial first interracial kiss broadcast on scripted television between Lieutenant Uhura and Kirk. Though created for the small screen, William Theiss costumes are celebrated for having been constructed at a level of couture not merely decorative but beautiful and functional. The complexity and allure of their fabric are the high-water marks for costume design in television production. Exhibits a few tiny fabric pull areas, but remains in very fine condition. Acquired from the William Ware Theiss estate.

Value: $20,000.

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