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Updated: July 26, 2023

Katie Browne "Deela" Scalosian Luminescent Organza Dress, Neck Communicator, Lame Sandals, and Costume Sketch; and Jason Evers "Rael" Iridescent Shirt and Trousers, Boots, Neck Communicator, and Costume Sketch from "Wink of an Eye" Episode of Star Trek: The Original Series ( NBC TV, 1966-1969 ). "Deela luminescent organza full-length dress with silver painted leather with green lame trim, a striated metal neck communicator with red and green mini pins worn by Katie Browne on Season 3, Episode 11, "Wink of an Eye" of Star Trek: The Original Series. Accompanied by the original charcoal and ink costume sketch. Together with "Rael" silver iridescent lame tunic and trousers with silver webbing on the bodice, with iridescent silver faux metallic boots, and neck communicator, worn by Jason Evers. Accompanied by the original costume sketch. Deela's breathtaking costume was exhibited among The Original Series props, costumes, and model miniatures at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC. as part of the 25th Anniversary celebration which attracted over 880,000 visitors. Fine, with a few small tears, fabric pulling, and light interior stains to the "Deela" costume; with lining detachment, slight wear, and rubbing to the communicator on the "Rael" costume.

Value: $30,000.

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