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Updated: April 12, 2005

Built from a 1984 released Masudaya kit, this awesome 16 inch tall Robby has been profesionally built, airbrushed, hand painted, clearcoated and detailed to the max! Painted my special "F BARTON KRELL GUNMETAL METALIC", Robby truly shines!

The internal voice box has been removed and the push button hole in his chestplate filled. The mouth plate has been replaced with a scratch built more accurate piece, that remains dark blue/black until activated, just like the real Robby!

When tapped on his finger tip, or anywhere else, his voice plate brilliantly lights up with a pulsating blue light achieved by a touch sensitive led unit in his head! An amazing realistic effect! Tiny easy to replace button batteries are included and installed.

In the head area, Robby's "eyes" have been replaced with reflective clear red ones, and the light row at the top has been replaced with tiny real cut glass reflective domes! Take a close look!

Robby has posable head, arms, torso and partial articulation in his legs. I spent countless hours on this kit, and for the true collector, this will be a one of a kind prize you will cherish!

Value: $300.

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