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Updated: August 08, 2007

Masudaya 16-inch! Robby the Robot! Pro-Built up prop DELUXE Robby! Talks! Lights!

From the 50's classic movie Forbidden Planet! Robby in clean condition, with skill eye to detail, finish high-gloss black newly painted, blue-tips set in metal rings on the 4-sensors, metallic-gold detail on control-plate buttons & Robby gyro-gears + other many assorted details etc.

This is a original issue Masudaya 1983 with box pictured above. Box wear on edges in good condition in four more years this item is vintage. The whole with skilled paint job in brain most beautiful a superb slick-finish to the foremost famous Sci-Fi Robot! Robby claws are left matte-black as arms. Cuffs are painted gloss-black for a nice contrast. ............ By pro-super-fan pro-modeler for the collecting Sci-Fi Super-Fan.

Button on control-plate turns on the blinking blue-chest-light & Robby-voice at same time. Takes one newly provided C-battery. In the classic Robby-Voice: "Welcome to Altaire 4 Gentlemen I am monitored to respond to the name Robby etc." This is a great piece of a sci-fi icon nearest thing to having a life-size Robby-Robot Friend!

More like a prop than a model. Collectible Memorabilia for Robby Forbidden Planet & Lost in Space fans as seen in the TV-episode 'War of the Robots'.

Another awesome Robot collectible by, Jerry VonMueller of New York.

Value: $300.

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