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Updated: August 19, 2023

Hero equestrian gorilla costume and display from Planet of the Apes. with an original background rifle. ( TCF, 1968 ) This equestrian gorilla costume and display consists of a leather vest with split back, indicating equestrian-specific use ( so designed for the actor's comfort on horseback ), along with an original hero tunic, pants, and reproduction gauntlet gloves and boots, made to complete the display. The rifle is an original background model. The life-like head is cast in silicone from the original John Chambers molds, and finished with prosthetics-grade eyes and hand-punched human hair. The entire costume is mounted on a custom-made flexible mannequin and display base, with the rifle featured prominently.

As there are only a few gorillas on horseback seen in the film, this is a very rare costume and could very well have been worn by one of the first gorillas to appear on-screen. It was most certainly used in the famous "hunt" scene where Charlton Heston is captured, and we first learn that these strangely clothed gorillas on horseback can actually speak! A very startling moment, and a pivotal scene in this fantastic science-fiction film. One of only three equestrian-specific costumes known to have survived, it presents a rare opportunity for collectors to acquire an important costume from a film that has since become a cultural icon.

Value: $15,000.

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