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Updated: August 19, 2023

Custom Made Orangutan Display Head made up to represent Zaius ( Maurice Evans ) Chief Defender of the Faith from the Original 1968 Planet of the Apes Film. Includes the Wood Display Stand and very cool Bronze Display Plaque pictured. This head was made directly off the original John Chambers Woodrow Parfrey ( Maximus ) Orangutan Prosthetics Mold ( NFS ). I acquired this mold ( pictured above ) from the estate of the makeup artist who bought John Chambers house and garage / workshop. The head is made from the newest craze in Museum Quality Displays - Acrylic Resin. This is more dust resistant and immune to the breakdown from ultraviolet light than the formerly accepted methods of Silicone or Latex. The hair and facial hair are made from all human hair.

The eyes are porcelain professionally made by an Ocularist. The head is solidly filled with foam except for a mounting hole that fits 1/2 PVC to display on the included display stand or easily attach to a professional mannequin to display original wardrobe. Please view all the photos to get a better Idea of what a complicated process making a museum quality display head is.

The Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame in Seattle has Original Zaius Wardrobe on a Mannequin Display made by this same studio ( pictured on their website ) that Paul Allen paid over $40,000 dollars to obtain for their museum. That display head is the old silicone version and not off original molds, so the makeup artist himself said this one is better, and will last longer. If you have Original Orangutan Wardrobe it deserves to be displayed in style.

Value: $500.

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