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Updated: August 06, 2017

A Eff Geof original rendition of the climatic scene of the 1968 Science Fiction classic film "The Planet Of The Apes". The scene is constructed from a number of different materials such as cast resin, building foam, plaster and plastic. The solid wood base is 11" x 14" and measures 12" tall to the tip of the Statue of Liberty's torch and is roughly HO scale. The main picture is an ACTUAL photograph of the diorama but it has been computer enhanced for effect. The other photos (unless noted otherwise) are as the diorama appears under normal conditions.

This diorama is of my own design and, as as far as I know, is the only one like it in existence. I've also included a screen shot from the film so you compare the diorama to the original scene. The scene has the damaged Liberty Statue (obviously), the two human characters, Taylor and Nova along with the their horse. The sea weed strewn beach has surf washing with some ruins nearby in the water.

Value: $250.

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