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Updated: April 22, 2024

The House of Famous Monsters paperback of your favorite monsters of filmland! Includes more than 100 fangtastic film monster photos in nearly 200 pages. Hard to find! Brand-new and picked directly from the printer's carton.

You or your favorite little creep ( who can be introduced to the truly classic film monsters by way of this wonderful pocketbook ) will enjoy reading about:

"Things That Go Bump in the Night," "Hyde and Go Shriek," "Lugosi Lives Eternal," "The Man Behind the Monsters," "Son of Mr. Monster Unmasked," "You Axed for It," and more!

As a hideously deformed face pictured on the back of the paperback says: "Don't Let This Happen to You! This is the horrorific result of spending too much time on the Internet. Note how the face has mutated so one eye can watch the keyboard while the other eye watches the monitor. Save face by reading House of Famous Monsters of Filmland instead!"

Collectors Note: Issued in 2006 and hard to find. All copies are brand-new ( Near Mint to Mint ) and picked directly from the printer's shipping carton.

Value: $50.

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