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Updated: April 22, 2024

Monsterland ( 1984-1987 )

After Famous Monsters of Filmland ceased publication in 1983, Ackerman was coaxed into briefly resuming his title as editor of a horror-oriented magazine with Forrest J Ackerman's Monster Land ( with the official publication title inside as one all-caps word- "Monsterland", and then "Monsterland" from 1986 onward ) by Hal Schuster of New Media Publishing, which began publication in December 1984.

After two fill in editorials by Ackerman as "Editor & Chief" ( beginning with issue #10 / 1986 ), the cover title Forrest J Ackerman's Monster Land was shortened to Monster Land, and Ackerman's title changed to "Editor Emeritus" ( with James Van Hise assigned as "Editor" ). Inside that issue, host character "Evila" states that "Forry had moved on." After the end of New Media Publishing in 1985, beginning with issue #10 the magazine was published by a new Schuster publishing entity, Movieland Publishing, Inc., until the final issue, #17 ( summer 1987 ).

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