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Updated: March 22, 2022

Take the Lost in Space Trivia Questions???? (How well do you know your alien monsters)

1. What was the name of Penny's kitten?

2. How did Maureen make cherry pie?

3. Who played Urso?

4. What episode featured Urso and Athena?

5. Who played Sybilla?

6. What episode featured Bolix?

7. Dr. Smith took a shower when the water supply was low in what episode?

8. Who played Jimmy Hapgood?

9. What was Hapgood's original destination?

10. What nickname did Hapgood give his ship?

11. In "My Friend, Mr. Nobody", what 3 little words caused an extraordinary metamorphosis?

12. Dr. Smith recognized the "crystals" from Mr. Nobody's cave as what?

13. How tall was Guy Williams?

14. What was the name of the infamous episode featuring Tybo?

15. What was Tybo's assistant's name?

16. What was the title of episode 83?

17. How many "Lost in Space" episodes feature the word "space" in their titles?

18. In "There Were Giants in the Earth", what item did Dr. Smith ask Maureen if she had in the galley?

19. What was the first episode directed by Sutton Roley?

20. The director of "There Were Giants in the Earth" has 2 famous sons, what are their names?

21. How many years of age separate Judy and Penny?

22. How many years of age separate Penny and Will?

23. Don is how many years older than Judy?

24. The costume of the Cyclops was made of what?

25. Who played Verda?

26. Who played Zumdish?

27. Who played Zumdish's security guard?

28. The boy in "The Magic Mirror" was portrayed by what actor?

29. What were the names of the alien parents in "The Sky Is Falling?"

30. Who portrayed the aliens in "Invaders From the Fifth Dimension?"

31. How many "Lost in Space" episodes featured no guest stars?

32. In "The Hungry Sea" what temperature was it outside the Chariot when they crossed the frozen sea?

33. In "Attack of the Monster Plants", what type of plant was it?

34. What was the freezing temperature of the plants in "Attack of the Monster Plants?"

35. In what country was Marta Kristen born?

36. In "The Mechanical Men", what toy company made the little robots?

37. Who played Captain Tucker?

38. Who played the princess in "The Lost Civilization?"

39. Michael Rennie co-starred with Jonathan Harris in what 50's series?

40. What was the first color episode of "Lost in Space?"

41. When was the first color episode telecast?

42. Who was the make-up supervisor for "Lost in Space?"

43. During the 1965 season what ABC shows appeared opposite "Lost in Space?"

44. During the run of "Lost in Space" what NBC show appeared opposite it?

45. During the 1966 season what ABC shows appeared opposite "Lost in Space?"

46. During the 1967 season what ABC show appeared opposite "Lost in Space?"

47. In 1968 what CBS show replaced "Lost in Space" in the Wednesday night schedule?

48. In "Return From Outer Space" what is the name of the town on Earth where Will lands?

49. Who played Aunt Clara?

50. Who played Davey Sims?

51. What item did Quano take with him to fight the monster in the cave?

52. What was Michael Ansara's character's name?

53. Who is Michael Ansara's former wife?

54. Who played the TV commentator at Alpha Control?

55. In what episode of Season 1 did the cast get new uniforms?

56. In "The Raft" what piece of the equipment from the Jupiter 2 was used as the ship?

57. What other Irwin Allen series featured this same piece of equipment?

58. What is the fourth state of matter?

59. Who played the President of the United States in "The Reluctant Stowaway?"

60. In "Ghost in Space" what was Dr. Smith using to attempt to contact his Uncle Thaddeus?

61. In "Ghost in Space" what causes the creature to disappear?

62. What third season episode did Robby the Robot appear in?

63. In "Visit to a Hostile Planet" what U.S. state does the Jupiter-2 land in?

64. What year is it when the Jupiter-2 lands on Earth in "Visit to a Hostile Planet?"

65. In what episode is the Space Pod introduced?

66. Who played Megazor?

67. Who played Effra?

68. In "The Space Croppers" what was the werewolf's name?

69. In "All That Glitters" Dr. Smith turns Penny into what metal?

70. What is the last black and white episode?

71. Who played Farnum?

72. Who played Mort?

73. What episode featured Prof. Robinson dueling with androids that looked like Dr. Smith?

74. Who played Colonel Fogey?

75. Who portrayed Fedor?

76. Who played General Squires?

77. What was the name of the character Dee Hartford portrayed in "Space Beauty?"

78. In "Space Beauty" the dictator was made of what substance?

79. In what episode did Major West torture Dr. Smith by pretending to be the Robot's ghost?

80. What actress provided Gundemar's voice?

81. Who played Athena?

82. In "West of Mars" who portrayed the bartender?

83. What were the names of the aliens in "The Galaxy Gift?"

84. Will must teach duplicates of his family to have human qualities in what episode?

85. In "Visit to a Hostile Planet" the Jupiter-2 landed in the parking lot of what business?

86. How many seasons did "Lost in Space" use cliffhanger endings?

87. In "The Cave of the Wizards" what time was the Jupiter-2 supposed to blast off?

88. What did Athena like to eat?

89. Who played Aunt Gamma?

90. Who played Dr. Chronos?

91. Who worked at the Celestial Department Store?

92. What episode featured a birthday party for Penny?

93. Who played Creech?

94. Who played Dr. Marvello?

95. In "The Space Vikings" Will, Penny and Dr. Smith were rehearsing a play about what?

96. In "Wish Upon a Star" the alien left Will what parting gift?

97. In "One of Our Dogs Is Missing" who disassembled the weapons?

98. Who wrote the last episode of "Lost in Space?"

99. Who played the Junkman?

100. What was the last airdate of "Lost in Space?"

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