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Updated: March 21, 2022

Many of you have requested me to do a special photo gallery on the many monsters / aliens of Irwin Allen's TV series. Ok! Why not, this could be kinda fun to do! All of the costumes and aliens made for Irwin Allen's TV shows were created by master designer, Paul Zastupnevich. On a very tight budget Paul came up with some of the greatest and coolest monsters ever to hit the TV airwaves.

Irwin Allen loved his monsters and reused them on all of his TV shows. With some different color spray paint, some slight variations or modifications, a new face lift, a new monster was born and ready for his / her TV debut. Paul's favorite creation of all monsters was that of the one eye giant cyclops from Lost in Space. Using a jumpsuit, and palm tree bark, this monster was alive and ready to attack the space family Robinson's. When Paul passed away the costume was in storage in his garage. Not knowing what this was, the costume was tossed away forever. It is unknown if any monster costumes exist today?

But for me the memories of these neat monsters appearing each week at the end of those darn cliffhangers will live on for generations. This photo gallery is dedicated in the memory of designer, Paul Zastupnevich. "Enjoy, and don't forget to leave the lights on at the end of the hall way!"

I would also like to thank Paul Monroe without his work on his new Lost in Space Anthology CD-Rom many of these photos would not be possible!

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