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Updated: October 13, 2023

The "Chariot" is the tracked, all terrain, vehicle the Space Family Robinson's uses on alien planets for travel. The body panels, roof and dome hatch are clear so, for privacy, the Chariot has retractable mylar curtains that can be slid into place. The vehicle has a roof rack for storage and roof mounted solar batteries. These are accessible by exterior fixed ladders on either side of the vehicle. The roof also has a swivel-mounted, interior controllable spot light near each front corner.

The Chariot features six bucket seats ( three rows of two seats ) for passengers. Interior equipemen includes a seismograph, a scanner with infrared capability, a public address system, and a rifle rack that held four laser rifles vertically above and between the left middle and rear bucket seats. Most fans don't remember, but the Chariot is also amphibious and can travel on water as well as any terrain surface.

The Chariot is now featured as a plastic model kit by Moebius Models! It is a perfect gift for that baby boomer Lost in Space Fan or hobbyist!

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