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Updated: October 13, 2023

The Lost in Space Chariot is a glass enclosed amphibious space vehicle with caterpiller threads. It is stored in a compartment on the underside of the Jupiter-2 almost completely assembled. ( This was never shown on the TV series ) To ready the Chariot for exploration it must be removed from it's compartment and driven down the ramp. Then lights, scanners, luggage rack and gun hatch dome must all be attached to the top. The Chariot is both solar and fuel powered. As the back of the space vehicle above the luggage rack is the solar collection panel, enery is transferred from here to the solar batteries. It is best to operate the Chariot during the day when solar power is available, however the Chariot can also be powered by the fuel cells. The surface of the new alien planet will most likely be barren and rocky. The Chariot is equipped with caterpiller treads to make travel across the terrain possible.

It can even travel like a boat, across lakes and even oceans. The Chariot can function as a home away from home for the Robinsons. Side storage compartments are topped by cushions to make seats or beds, curtains surrounding the inside will allow privacy for sleep or just changing clothes. The Chariot features heat and air conditioning to provide comfort in most kinds of weather. However, unlike the spaceship ( Jupiter-2 ), which is insulated from the most extreme of weather, the Chariot can protect the family only from Earth type tempertures. Shoud the temperature fall too far below zero or rise too high the sun-shield will be required. This shield is created from a unique material which will reflect heat in the summer and absorb heat in the winter. It can keep the family and Chariot 30 degrees cooler or warmer than outside.

( Resource used Jupiter-2 Operators Manuel by Robert Rowe 1986 )

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