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Updated: March 16, 2022

In January 2015 I met Kevin Burns in his office, and spoke mostly on the topic of the soon to be released Lost in Space Blu-ray Disc set. I could tell by the sound of his voice he is not only very excited about the project, but also very proud. On the 50th anniversary of the show, he is presenting fans with the opportunity of owning the best representation of Lost in Space available up until now. Not even when first broadcast did viewers get a chance to see each episode as they were intended to be seen!

Here are some of the new updates he shared with me on the project:

Kevin had a hand in advising Fox, (Who is ONLY in charge of the distribution of the set, not its restoration!), on what the packaging should look like. The original design had no eye catching appeal and Kevin recommended that the Robot should be used. His reasoning was, the Robot has become a part of Americana. People who have never seen the show know, "Danger, Will Robinson" and "That does not compute," and they know who said them. The packaging is also designed to catch the eye of non or casual fans; rabid fans like us on the internet will be buying it no matter the box!

The Robot art on the box was patterned after the first season opening credits.

A major reason for this type of design was to separate the look of this product from the DVD release, which used stills of the cast on the covers.

There is only one box design. Anyone waiting for a "Deluxe" package will be waiting a long time and anyone advertising one is just wrong. Get this one now, while you can!

Kevin is still finding new material and adding it in, including new stills. (No, I won't tell you and spoil the surprises!)

The original broadcast aspect ratio, 1:33, turned out to be the wider, full 35mm print image of 1:37, so we will be getting a wider picture area and smaller black bars on the sides than on the DVDs.

There is one episode, "Condemned of Space," in the set that will be presented in the widescreen aspect ratio of 1:78, meaning the screen will not have black bars on the sides and a marginal loss of the very top and bottom of the screen image, and 5.1 full stereo sound. This is how stations, like Me-TV, have asked for the show to look when airing on TV, so they have the same look as modern programs. So we get a preview of that!

There are over 90 minutes of outtake and used special effects shots. Some of the more commonly seen shots will be scaled back, limited to one take as opposed to repeated takes of the same thing, to make room for new, never before seen shots!

I think that is all I can tell you about, but not everything Kevin told me! Fox has other plans in the works, but nothing will ever see the light of day unless this Box Set sells and sells well. It is up to us to make that happen!!!"

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