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Updated: March 21, 2023

The last season of Lost in Space combined the action and special effects of season one and the silliness and comedy of season two. The show is a cult classic in it's own way for like Star Trek, it took us where we wanted to go and to get away from the earth a while on some far out space adventure every week during the hectic 1960's decade. Season three's most memorable episodes were:

A: Space Creature (Will's desire too be alone and Dr. Smith screws it up!) B: Target: Earth! (formless beings duplicate the Robinson's and try to invade earth) C: The Flaming Planet (dying race of warriors and solider plants) D: The Anti-Matter Man (John Robinson's evil other self) E: Visit to a Hostile Planet (Jupiter-2 passes through a time warp and is sent back to the year 1947 and is taken for a UFO)

The funniest was The Great Vegetable Rebellion, (featuring Carrot Top's dad the Carrot man). The saddest episode was Junkyard in Space which was sadly the last show of the series. Unlike Star Trek that came back with several movies and that told us our heroes Kirk and Spock were still alive in the 23rd century, we will never know if the Robinson's were ever rescued or are still lost and spaced out.

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