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Updated: March 16, 2022

Lost in Space "Wish Upon a Star" (Season One November 24, 1965)

Will and Dr. Smith come upon an alien machine that grants wishes, which tests the values of the Robinson group.

Director: Sutton Roley

Writers: Irwin Allen created by, Barney Slater

Lost in Space: Season 1: Episode 11 When Dr. Smith and Will discover a magic wish-granting machine, the family becomes intoxicated with greed. But the party ends when a strange alien creature reclaims the magic machine.

Dr. Smith goes into voluntary exile after John confronts him when his laziness and carelessness threaten the group's survival. With Will's assistance, Smith makes a home in the wreck of an alien spaceship. In it, they find a small alien machine that materializes the operator's wishes.


The title is based on the Disney song 'When You Wish Upon a Star'.


Maureen turns the force field on before the men clear the area, yet they don't get jolted.


Dr. Zachary Smith: I have the thought machine, and I can have anything I want. All I have to do is think and - Poof, heh-heh - it's mine.

Smith finds a machine that makes almost any wish come true. This hour contains one of Lost In Space's finest moments when John Robinson has a group meeting with the family...mainly talking to Penny about a serious mistake she made by using the machine too much. More great stuff towards the end as well.

Great direction from Sutton Roley.

Great music.

A strong bond between Will and Smith is now very obvious in this 11th episode.

Not a single guest star here (with the exception of the creature), it is all just the Robinsons, Smith and the Robot.

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