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Updated: March 16, 2022

Lost in Space "War of the Robots" (Season One February 9, 1966)

Will and the robot come upon a dead "robotoid." Will wants a crack at fixing it while the robot wants it left alone or destroyed. In fact, something quite strange is happening with the Robinson's robot: he's developing beyond his programming, becoming more than just machine. Thanks to Will's repairs, the robotoid comes to life, but while it quickly presents itself as a subservient boon to the Robinsons, it secretly softens them up for capture by its distant alien masters, who are on their way.


The guest star was Robby the Robot from the movie Forbidden Planet (1956) and was used as a model for designing the "Lost in Space" robot.


After John and Don's attempt to rush the Robotoid results in them being violently knocked to the ground, John's hair is severely tousled. A moment later, it's back to being perfectly coiffed.


Maj. Don West: Why would you want to destroy the robotoid?

The Robot: I do not like it.

Prof. John Robinson: Hate is not an emotion you possess.

The Robot: I do not like it.

Maj. Don West: The robotoid doesn't represent any danger to you.

The Robot: I repeat, I... do... not... like it!

A new Robot appears on the scene but it is un-clear if he is good or evil.

Some good moments in this adventure but it was more enjoyed in my youth. As much as I love the Forbidden Planet Robot it is actually the regular LIS Robot that totally steals this hour: in this episode we discover how important he is to LIS. We also discover that he has an almost human side that makes us love him.

In coming episodes of LIS we would get to know and love the Robot even more but War of the Robots is a key hour because this is the first true touching Robot episode.

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