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Updated: March 16, 2022

Lost in Space - "All That Glitters" (Season One April 6, 1966)

With only the women and Dr. Smith at the Jupiter-2, a fugitive alien named Ohan is taken in by Penny. He's a professional galactic thief and the target of a planned man hunt by a brutish space officer and his two tracking beasts. Dr. Smith is not interested in Ohan's plight until Penny reveals hes left a disk in her safekeeping that can lead anyone to the greatest treasure in the galaxy. The disk itself provides a warning against seeking it, which Dr. Smith, greedy as ever, ignores. The treasure turns out to be a clasped, close fitting neck ring that provides any wearer the Midas Touch, which is now Dr. Smiths, but his initial delight turns to horror when the clasp vanishes and the treasure becomes a death sentence.


The title comes from the common expression "All that glitters is not gold", which is a modernization of a line from William Shakespeares play "The Merchant of Venice" "All that glisters is not gold".


Properties of the force field vary between episodes. In this episode, Maureen turns the force field off so Ohan can leave the ship. In at least one previous episode, it seemed people could pass out from it rather than penetrate back in.


Dr. Zachary Smith: Why should I mind sharing my meager belongings with every hobo that wanders by? I have plenty of everything!

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